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Rookie - 94 Points (1958 / Texas, U.S.A.)

Mark Sauer Poems

41. Curiosity 4/21/2012
42. Soulectomy 4/21/2012
43. Worshipping The Void 4/21/2012
44. The Glitch 4/21/2012
45. The 'Tween Girl 11/1/2012
46. Marble Shall Not Weep 11/1/2012
47. Ripples 11/1/2012
48. Epiphany 12/29/2012
49. True Lives 6/25/2013
50. Flux 6/25/2013
51. The Sound Of Mountains 8/24/2017
52. Flesh 8/24/2017
53. Time 8/24/2017
54. Lee Circle, New Orleans 8/24/2017
55. Envy 2/12/2018
56. Blind Narcissus 2/12/2018
57. The Glimpse 5/26/2014
58. The Prometheus Tree 4/21/2012
59. Remembering The Womb 9/28/2012
60. Envying The Lichen 4/21/2012
61. The True Judgement Of Paris 4/21/2012
62. Last Night's Apocalypse 4/21/2012
63. The Rendezvous 4/21/2012
64. Genesis 4/21/2012
65. Xerxes' Tears 4/21/2012
66. Homo Sum 4/21/2012
67. Cyanobacteria 7/5/2013
68. The Library At The End Of The World 12/29/2012
69. Tasting The Sea 2/12/2018
70. The Fang Has Formed The Fawn 12/29/2012
71. Thanksgiving 4/21/2012

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Best Poem of Mark Sauer


If I am clay, seawater, and lightening
And nothing more - still the clay is thankful.
If guttering flame, dimming, brightening,
Snuffed to smoke - yet the wisp is grateful.
If I am only a flickering mote
Aware one instant of infinitude
In a vastness that does not care nor note,
Yet the ash fleck proffers its gratitude.
If mind is irrefutable error
And God the daydream of an addled race
Of ape; still I, this speck, refuse despair,
Grasping this one truth - the undeserved grace
Of Being. Suffice this here, now, this me;
I earned not this, much less ...

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Xerxes' Tears

He paused the westward march of all the East
Near Sardis, to wonder at the beauty
Of a plane tree. As if a simple priest,
He hung with gold the emerald canopy
And sang a reverent hymn; then drove the host
Of Asia on, with whips, to Asia's brink.
The panoply of millions on the coast
O'erwhelmed the King of Kings, who wept to think
A century hence would turn to dust each one.

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