Mark Sauer

Rookie - 94 Points (1958 / Texas, U.S.A.)

Mark Sauer Poems

41. Curiosity 4/21/2012
42. Soulectomy 4/21/2012
43. Worshipping The Void 4/21/2012
44. The Glitch 4/21/2012
45. The 'Tween Girl 11/1/2012
46. Marble Shall Not Weep 11/1/2012
47. Ripples 11/1/2012
48. Epiphany 12/29/2012
49. True Lives 6/25/2013
50. Flux 6/25/2013
51. The Sound Of Mountains 8/24/2017
52. Flesh 8/24/2017
53. Time 8/24/2017
54. Lee Circle, New Orleans 8/24/2017
55. The Glimpse 5/26/2014
56. The Prometheus Tree 4/21/2012
57. Remembering The Womb 9/28/2012
58. Envying The Lichen 4/21/2012
59. The True Judgement Of Paris 4/21/2012
60. Last Night's Apocalypse 4/21/2012
61. The Rendezvous 4/21/2012
62. Genesis 4/21/2012
63. Xerxes' Tears 4/21/2012
64. Homo Sum 4/21/2012
65. Cyanobacteria 7/5/2013
66. The Library At The End Of The World 12/29/2012
67. Thanksgiving 4/21/2012
68. The Fang Has Formed The Fawn 12/29/2012

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Best Poem of Mark Sauer

The Fang Has Formed The Fawn

The fang has formed the fawn, and red makes green
On meadow grass where blood distills to sap.
The world blooms from carrion soil, made clean
By vultures turned to blossoms. Maggots trap
Entropy, filth makes gems that then ascend
To feed the mockingbird. Eden labors
Ever to be reborn, and yearns to mend
The fall. The leopard's ivory sabers
Sculpt the antelope to a perfect grace.
The mortal screams of all the teeming prey
Are birth pangs that briefly across the face
Of a dreaming fetus flitter and play.
This world is a clenched womb, as yet unborn,
Where ...

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Xerxes' Tears

He paused the westward march of all the East
Near Sardis, to wonder at the beauty
Of a plane tree. As if a simple priest,
He hung with gold the emerald canopy
And sang a reverent hymn; then drove the host
Of Asia on, with whips, to Asia's brink.
The panoply of millions on the coast
O'erwhelmed the King of Kings, who wept to think
A century hence would turn to dust each one.

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