Mark Tapley

Rookie (1843 / Salisbury)

Biography of Mark Tapley

Mark Tapley is the body-servant to Martin Chuzzlewit.

According to his biographer Charles Dickens, he is first traceable as an ostler for the Blue Dragon Inn in Salisbury, and is in love with the widowed landlady Mrs Lupin. He departs the pub and goes to London shortly after this first appearance.

When Chuzzlewitt arrives in London to emigrate to The United States, he meets Mark, who offers himself to be Martin's travelling companion and servant.

After Mark and Martin are swindled into buying a marsh along the Mississippi, they return home to England. Mark gets engaged to Mrs Lupin, takes over the Blue Dragon Inn and renames it the Jolly Tapley. He is then lost track of.

His manuscripts were found in Paris, where he is believed to have traveled at least twice before his death on the road sometime around 1883 (he would have been aboout 70 by then) .

Mark Tapley's Works:

Manuscripts, believed to be titled 'Where the Tame Things Grow' and 'Blank Lanterns', date unknown, found together in a parcel in a Parisian boarding-house. Updates

Soul Mountain Blues

Show me, old one, the fragile empty dawns
That break in bleak waves over Soul Mountain
For I seek solace in the silence of the unborn
Hidden deep inside the womb of morning

Give me the shelter of the tender light
That rises like soft smoke from the misty lakes
For I seek the lonely aftermath of night
When I feel no hunger and have no thirts to slake

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