Marketa Richnavska

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Biography of Marketa Richnavska

I mostly write about my own past and present, I use poetry and fiction to express my feelings and to let my thoughts free, out of my head. I use it as some kind of therapy when I feel like I can't handle my life. I write everytime I'm sad, everytime I feel like I'm in love, every time I can't decide which way to go. It clears my mind and helps me to choose the best I can do.
I also write when some of my friends is in trouble and my strong empathy can't let me sleep peacefully. I write about their lives, but I always put something from me in there, something uplifting or something that could help them with their situation.
I also have few poems dedicated to my muse - Mother Nature, to praise her, to admire her beauty or to thank her for everything she's given to me.

I study British and American Studies in Slovakia, that is why I mostly use English in my poems, but I also have some good ones in Slovak language. What a loss not many of poemhunter members would understand them. Maybe I will translate them someday. Updates


Why did I have to meet you?
Why did you need to show?
Oh, please, please, leave me
leave me all alone

How did you manage to break into my life?
How could you not to know it can change my world?
Oh, yes, yes I realize
you are a Stranger, you don't know a word.

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