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Biography of markus clinton

My name is Markus. I am currently 18. I haven't written in almost a year now. I have never been interested in reading, or writing. Growing up i always wrote small quotes about a girl. The girl is the only person i had growing up. In my eyes i lived for her and she lived for me. we met in pre-school, and we were unseperatable... that is until i was forced to leave town because of custody battles between my mother and father. i entered a dark place. i saw no light in anything, i had love ones pass, i was mentally pushed for majority of my life. but no matter what happened i felt nothing, i had an empty place in my mind and i coped by writting. most of these poems were written about that girl. then i found her.8 years later i found the girl i missed for so long. just to find out she was with someone else. i was torn and i couldn't cry no matter how much i wanted to.i was finally being kicked while i was down, and i had no motivation to get up. i stopped writing and i shut down... half a year later i found someone else. we were pulled together all our lives but ignored the signs, we hated each other. until one day i saw her mentally break down from her mothers doings. she was in the same place i was. When it comes down to it. i wanted nothing more than to make a girl happier than anyone has ever made me. Here I am.1 year later and i couldn't be happier. :) Updates

Mimicking Sorrow

Laughs the mimick in gelid chokes, a sad smirk on rigid cheeks. I don't know love, and she don't know me. Strangers always... Strangers close enough to choke each other. I am naked inside, they can see all of me, even from my hiding place.

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