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Rookie (june 16,1990 / Virginia)

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My name is Marquita Watkins and I am now attending Prince Edward County High School. I am a sophmore who absolutely LOVES writing poetry. Hopefully someday in the near future I will be able to publish my very own book of poems. Well enjoy my poems. If it's possible please feel free to tell me your thoughts and feelings about my poems. ******THANK**YOU********

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Don'T Understand

although you may not understand.
you need to grow up and be a real man.
all you want to do is play games.
I remember when we first started now things just aren't the same.
you don't understand me or is it that I don't understand you.
lately you've had control over everything I do.
it has to change it can't go on like this.
those were the days that we use to cuddle and kiss.
but when i say you have to change it seems as if you don't understand me.

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