Martha J. Eshelman

Biography of Martha J. Eshelman

I was raised on a cattle ranch. I went to a small liberal arts college originally majoring in chemistry then switching to philosophy. I went on for an advanced degree in Buddhist studies focusing on language and stories. I proceded to support myself in Information Technology while active as a storyteller, poet and liturgist. I am now retired and am picking up threads of my life that were dropped because of time constraints. However, I found even in retirement there are only 24 hours in a day.

Martha J. Eshelman's Works:

No books but I have been included in publications from Sunrust, Seven Buffaloes Press, Amelia... Updates


Childhood ended with Mother's decree
we no longer play together
for reasons
to our barely adolescent minds used
to sliding down chopped clover
in the hay mow.
Sent after the cow
for evening milking,