Martin Kathavi

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Biography of Martin Kathavi

Martin Kathavi Nyundu

My full name is Nyundu martin Kathavi. Born in 01 August 1992 in Namibia in a small town called Rundu, in Kavango region, I stayed with my mom for a short period of time, her name is Engel-bertha Nankali Hausiku and my grandmother of a name Anna Lilunga took me, i stayed with her, she put me in school. I started my grade one in 2001 at Sauyemwa Junior Primary School (a location in Rundu) until when I was in grade 5 than i move to Sauyemwa Combined School. Sauyemwa Combined School had grade 1-10 only, after my grade 10 i was admitted at Rundu Senior Secondary School where I did my grade 11 and 12. I started writing poems in grade 3, I used to write anything i see or hear, mostly i wrote about myself, the silly things i used to do at home and school; A lot of my friends laughed at me when i kept on writing things that made no sense, there more i wrote the more i could improve, whenever i needed help i talk to my English teacher, she taught me a lot and advised me, gave me some guidance on how to write poems. I became a good poet when I was in grade 12. I participated in a lot of activities (Debate club, Spelling B Competition, Soccer, Basket Ball and Volley ball) . I was a good debater; I became the best debater in my region in 2011. After I finished writing my grade 12 final exams I went to Windhoek and stay with my uncle his name is John Mberenge Kambinda. In the holiday people used to come to me and write poems and songs for them, I also had a small studio at home where I used to produce music to earn some money, I became a bit popular in my location during that time, a lot knew about me. When the results came out I passed my grade 12 with good grades and I was admitted to do bachelor of accounting at the University of Namibia in 2012. I did my first year at UNAM in 2012 until up to date I am in my third year of study doing Accounting at the University of Namibia (UNAM) . With all those years I have been in school my dad; His Name is Andreas Carnwell Nyundu. He supported me financially with everything I needed until now he still cares and continuing to support me with my studies. He is the best dad in the world. Updates

A Hero

As I opened my history book, began
to read a familiar name came into
view. One as a child I had heard my
father speak of so often.

Herman Andimba Toivo ya Toivo
A Namibian politician who was active in the independence movement
Born 22 August 1924
In Omangundu in Oshana region

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