Martin Kathavi

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Biography of Martin Kathavi

Martin Kathavi Nyundu

My full name is Nyundu martin Kathavi. Born in 01 August 1992 in Namibia in a small town called Rundu, in Kavango region, I stayed with my mom for a short period of time, her name is Engel-bertha Nankali Hausiku and my grandmother of a name Anna Lilunga took me, i stayed with her, she put me in school. I started my grade one in 2001 at Sauyemwa Junior Primary School (a location in Rundu) until when I was in grade 5 than i move to Sauyemwa Combined School. Sauyemwa Combined School had grade 1-10 only, after my grade 10 i was admitted at Rundu Senior Secondary School where I did my grade 11 and 12. I started writing poems in grade 3, I used to write anything i see or hear, mostly i wrote about myself, the silly things i used to do at home and school; A lot of my friends laughed at me when i kept on writing things that made no sense, there more i wrote the more i could improve, whenever i needed help i talk to my English teacher, she taught me a lot and advised me, gave me some guidance on how to write poems. I became a good poet when I was in grade 12. I participated in a lot of activities (Debate club, Spelling B Competition, Soccer, Basket Ball and Volley ball) . I was a good debater; I became the best debater in my region in 2011. After I finished writing my grade 12 final exams I went to Windhoek and stay with my uncle his name is John Mberenge Kambinda. In the holiday people used to come to me and write poems and songs for them, I also had a small studio at home where I used to produce music to earn some money, I became a bit popular in my location during that time, a lot knew about me. When the results came out I passed my grade 12 with good grades and I was admitted to do bachelor of accounting at the University of Namibia in 2012. I did my first year at UNAM in 2012 until up to date I am in my third year of study doing Accounting at the University of Namibia (UNAM) . With all those years I have been in school my dad; His Name is Andreas Carnwell Nyundu. He supported me financially with everything I needed until now he still cares and continuing to support me with my studies. He is the best dad in the world. Updates

The Woman You Married

You got married because of love
The women you met long time ago
is not the women you are married to now
The love you married for has disappeared

The women you married is very beautiful
Nobody knew what was hidden under her beauty
Love is for two,
You loved her a lot but she never did

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