Martin O'Neill

Rookie - 15 Points (20-06-1958 / Solihull, Birmingham, England)

Biography of Martin O'Neill

Martin O'Neill poet

Engineer, thinker, observer.
I get taken by surprise sometimes by a thought, a phrase or something someone says and my mind goes for a walk. Sometimes an object triggers a veritable gold rush of words that scatter and run around my head as I try to catch them. This is when I curse not having pen and paper at all times. It can also can be a problem when driving!
I love seeing and hearing new ways of expressing ideas. I love modern dance and sculpture by the likes of Rodin and Fellini. I have also enjoyed pottery and art to a limited degree - there are only so many hours in a day!

I don't try to develop an identifiable style or a modus operandi, I write what I feel at the time whether it is a polemic or a whimsy. I feel better for that than trying to fit myself into a strait-jacket of some genre or style of writing. I love the diversity of poets such as Roger McGough. I have found others here on this site.
I love reading other people's poems. We all have different ways of seeing and sometimes we all write a little gem. I love finding those. It's like finding a five pound note in an old suit pocket.
I also adore intelligent debate, just the sheer sparkiness of it, whether or not I agree with one side or the other or am a non-partisan observer, I find it thrilling sometimes to watch sharp minds spar. Like boxing but with intellect and no brain damage. I am currently enjoying the philosophical meanderings of A.C. Grayling and the blood and thunder of Rugby Union. Updates


Minds cloaked in grey
They wander the battlefield
Weilding their blades
Of nonchalance, the battle lost.
The cry of the wounded, unheeded
Cut short by the bayonets
Of the grey ones
Used without emotion
Just a soupcon of a sneer.

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