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Martin TURNER poet

Raised in Post-War plenty, I could hear the chains of concentration camps rattling somewhere close by; but we children of the earnest fifties were soon etched by the permissions of 1965-1975; when these unwelcome hallucinations faded, so did many other false values; but patiently, like grass growing under a still-burning city, a Christian Taoist existentialism came to redeem an otherwise trite life.

After a psychology degree at Exeter University, I trained as a teacher and, in Scotland, as an educational psychologist. In psychology I have edited, authored and co-authored four books, including Psychological Assessment of Dyslexia (Whurr,1997) and Dyslexia Guidance (with Philippa Bodien: nferNelson,2007) , as well as numerous chapters and articles.

As regards poetry – always a longer purpose - in 1992 I published Trespasses with Faber and Faber and in 2006 The Deer of Tamniès with PublishAmerica. My wife, a friend and I published translations from the modern Persian during the 1980s. Both poetry and translations have won prizes.

Martin TURNER's Works:

Trespasses (Faber,1992)
The Deer of Tamnies (PublishAmerica,3rd April 2006)
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November Heritage

A yellow sky has curled around
pumpkins, fireworks and poppy fragments
for a fortnight and now brews coffee
and saffron on a plate of thrush-egg blue.
On clouded hills youngsters
are bravely making their way.

These moods imbue our weathers,
a cradle for genes and religions.

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