Rookie (February 9th 1948 / London, Westminster SW1)

Biography of Martin TURNER

Martin TURNER poet

Raised in Post-War plenty, I could hear the chains of concentration camps rattling somewhere close by; but we children of the earnest fifties were soon etched by the permissions of 1965-1975; when these unwelcome hallucinations faded, so did many other false values; but patiently, like grass growing under a still-burning city, a Christian Taoist existentialism came to redeem an otherwise trite life.

After a psychology degree at Exeter University, I trained as a teacher and, in Scotland, as an educational psychologist. In psychology I have edited, authored and co-authored four books, including Psychological Assessment of Dyslexia (Whurr,1997) and Dyslexia Guidance (with Philippa Bodien: nferNelson,2007) , as well as numerous chapters and articles.

As regards poetry – always a longer purpose - in 1992 I published Trespasses with Faber and Faber and in 2006 The Deer of Tamniès with PublishAmerica. My wife, a friend and I published translations from the modern Persian during the 1980s. Both poetry and translations have won prizes.

Martin TURNER's Works:

Trespasses (Faber,1992)
The Deer of Tamnies (PublishAmerica,3rd April 2006)
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Escape From Venice

No disease, or death here, or Constellation of the Guitar;
no sleep of second childhood.
This intensive care is as orderly
as a circus in which all are acrobats.

The tumbling fills hands and air.
Can the sober matron follow the tottering
velvet hat through the tall crowd?
The city, stilled and digitised, reappears in a solemn wraith.

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