Marvin Brato Sr

Silver Star - 3,048 Points (March 2,1960 / Davao City, Philippines)

Biography of Marvin Brato Sr

I am a simple man with simple dreams, my sole happiness is to see my family healthy and happy!

I work hard to make them happy.

I love them more than anything else in this world, I won't give them up for silver or gold!

I write poems (mostly acrostics) to express inner thoughts and emotions toward the various processes and essence of existence! Thank God for this life, it is very short hence make it useful! Spend it with your love ones, for when we are gone good memories are remembered.

I work as Medical Technologist IV at Southern Philippines Medical Center formerly Davao Medical Center, a government hospital located in Davao City, Philippines.

Marvin Brato Sr's Works:


Apr 7


World Health Day is celebrated on 7 April to mark the anniversary of the founding of WHO in 1948. Each year a theme is selected for World Health Day that highlights a priority area of public health concern in the world.

The theme for 2013 is high blood pressure.

The ultimate goal of World Health Day 2013 is to reduce heart attacks and strokes. Specific objectives of the campaign are:

to raise awareness of the causes and consequences of high blood pressure;
to provide information on how to prevent high blood pressure and related complications;
to encourage adults to check their blood pressure and to follow the advice of health-care professionals;
to encourage self-care to prevent high blood pressure;
to make blood pressure measurement affordable to all; and
to incite national and local authorities to create enabling environments for healthy behaviors.

‘ Health Is Wealth ‘

Rich or not
We all have got
Chances in lifetime
To live quite sublime

More rich people become richer
And the majority poor more poorer
It’s not how much money brings boost
But having enjoyed life not its cost

Healthy body makes an active mind
Once sick can’t make good things rewind
Beware of taking too much of everything
Good health is wealth and the best thing
By: Marvin Brato Sr

B) Caption from the story The Legend of Zelda(Bermuda Triangle) By: Narutotoro

She followed it and found some dirt. She now used the flashlight to look at the book for the spell circle and incantation, although the soil was frozen hard so it was difficult to trace anything on it. After a frustrating half-hour, she managed to draw a spell circle.

Then she recited the spell,

'In everything that exists
a doorway is always present
it may lead in or lead out the way
to and from any destination we go.'

Cleo jumped at a noise she heard. But it was only a lone doe that caused it. Why am I freaking out? she thought. Seriously Cleo, you're being paranoid. She continued.

'Entering a new phase
may meant betterment
and going out from there
is a choice for one to decide.
A portal is sort of conscience
that shows the consequences
if one dares proceed with wit
then must take the right step.'

After a moment, a strange glow enveloped her and she vanished from this realm.

C) Ullu Creative Tree

http: //

'Dream I have made is becoming true
Enthusiasm inside will help me through.
Life I foresee is now hopeful and bright
Moving to meet all challenges with might,
Onward to graduation becomes my delight.”

- Dreams come true by Marvin Brato Sr.
(Make up by: Angela Hermanowski, Photos by: Ullu Creative Tree)

D) The Journey Project by Alexandra Andrekovic

Karate kid images/ video 'The Karate Kid Picture 8.' - Celebrity gossip, celebrity photo, movie reviews, dvd, interviews, new release album and other entertainment news. N.p., n.d. Web.21 Jan.2013. < http: // In the movie Karate Kid when little Dre Parker moves to China and he is lost. He gets bullied and beat up. When he meets his mentor, Mr.Han, he is taught how to use karate. Mr. Han is a very wise man, which the mentor roll is usually. Mr. Han not only taught Dre lessons, but skills, aided him in his time of need, and helped him face his enemies and defeat them.

'A mentor
Is a master
who molds
his student
to become
a master like him.
Have you met your mentor? '
(Marvin Brato Sr) Approach to the Inmost Cave The approach to the inmost cave is the stage in the archetypal journey where the hero starts planning and approaching the climax of the journey. In this stage the hero '[The hero] must use every lesson learned to survive.The hero often has disheartening setbacks while approaching the cave.[They are] torn apart by challenges, which allows [them] to put [themselves] back together in a more effective form for the ordeal to come.' (Peterson) Approach to the Inmost Cave Ordeal 'The Ordeal is the critical moment in every story' (Peterson) It is the life or death point in a story, and the journey is on the verge of failure. 'The crisis, a halfway point, is a divide in the hero’s journey: the top of the mountain, the heart of the forest, the depth of the ocean, the most secret place in his soul. Everything in the trip has lead up to this point, and everything after is about going home.' (Peterson) The Reward Conclusion In this image explaining endocytosis
I can connect crossing the threshold with it. 'A process of cellular ingestion by which the plasma membrane folds inward to bring substances into the cell.' (thefreedictionary) I think this is symbolic to crossing the threshold in the archetypal journey because a substance, from outside of the cell, goes into the cell. Much like crossing the threshold if we imagine that the cell is the special world. After the substance is in the cell it also plans on returning to where it came from, just like the ordinary world.

E) Couplet Poems Archive-SMS Spicy

Posted on December 17,2012

A bard always inscribe…

A verse or two to convey innate sentiments,
that rhyme into romantic expressions.

Like an ode that tells a story of love,
or a melancholic sonnet about a dying heart.

Quite an elegy of suspense depicting courage,
better a limerick of an adventurous quest.

And best couplet enthusing excitements
of an epic account of human battles
narrate explicitly into poetic phrase.
Marvin Brato Sr

F) Where Do Babies Come From? Contest Entry

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Salt Water Baby
By Gypzee (Score: 4.396)

This chop made me think of this poem..

Deep Blue Sea

Just like a deep blue sea,
a mysterious being I am.
Carefree as the waves,
quite careless as it rolls
unto the shores of realities.
Exciting displays of curiosity:
love, fantasy and ecstasy.
I like to venture while young,
not just for mere pleasure but
endulging freedom in surfing life.

God made the deep blue sea,
as outstanding as He made me.
Blissful waters run deep,
reserve for my adventures.
In waiting for the first times,
exotic acts I like to taste;
life is nil if it is put to waste.

Being like a deep blue sea,
unknown treasures in its breast
till someone meets the challenge
indulge fishing in my deep blue sea,
love for me remains a mystery.

By: marvin brato

G) E-Book by: Marvin Brato

Marvin Brato Sr - poems - - PoemHunter.Com

This e-book was created by Marvin Brato Sr on They act like hopeless romantics with crazy hearts; . And others become...... Sa kamay ng ekperto bayad ay balato... ng DMC. Mga gamot at technolohiya ay de kalidad.
http: // pdf/marvin_brato_sr_2012_3.pdf

H) What to write on a Retirement Cake?

How about adding a retirement card to the cake?

Along with having a cake you may also want to include a card to the cake that you might have bought or even baked for the person who has just retired or is about to retire.
Poems for retirement cake

Here are a couple of poems that are relevant to the retirement occasion for any person. You may want to give a handmade card or even buy one and write a poem to give it a personal touch.

O, blest retirement! friend to life’s decline –

How blest is he who crowns, in shades like these,

A youth of labor with an age of ease!

by Oliver Goldsmith
Happy Old Face

Profession has inspired you

rendering service to the clients

on the status of their health status

made sure that your analysis are correct

in which the doctors based their diagnosis

days in your life have been all work

as it come to retirement today.

Today marks your honorable exit

on reaping what you sow for years

rise and claim the accolade you deserve

nothing ever more uplifting than retirement

on this day onwards you shall see happy old face.

by Marvin Brato Sr (link)

I) Callous definition/meaning


Often times the pain stings
Left part of the arm it clings
In the middle sternum lingers
Valve of aorta seems calcify
Infusing blood so irregular
A life flows in intermittent.

Many times breath is shallow
Or becomes rapidly gasping
Risk is enclosing to the end
As though death is enticed
Groping into myriad veins
And whispers sad lullaby.

Birth itself a mark of death
Reasons cannot even defy
A reality that is destined
That life has eventual end
On this earth for all of us.

- Aging, by Marvin Brato

Photo credit: The Wandering Angel

J) Poems by / from poet Marvin Brato Sr best love poem famous poets MARVIN BRATO SR
on reaping what I sow for years rise to claim the accolade I deserve nothing more uplifting than retirement onwards I shall wear an old happy face. Marvin Brato...

K) Proud son Poem

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((((Proud Father)) - by Marvin Brato Sr. My son, at your birth You are like a jewel Instills an innate mirth An aura ringing a bell My son, as a kid You are creative...
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L.) University of Hull


A knowledge if shared,
likely grows to abundance..
if keep to self will be lost!

Marvin Brato Sr Updates

Advice To My Son

May tomorrow makes you realize my boy
In this world life is not a toy
Can you not listen to my lecturing
Hear me when I am talking
At this moment in time
Exert your effort to shine
Let your energy flow freely
At things worthwhile not deadly
Now is the time for you to stand