Marvin Brato Sr

Veteran Poet - 1,004 Points (March 2,1960 / Davao City, Philippines)

Marvin Brato Sr Quotes

  • ''Live
    in such a way
    that the bad things
    which few people
    talk about you
    become unbelievable''
    Living right
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  • ''Smile upon winning
    but, smile still when you lost...
    it marks true courage!''
  • ''All hearts...
    Wish for love,
    it is a dream.
    The desire lingers in time
    as the craving heightens.''
    Desire for love
  • ''Blight sex
    may get you HIV,
    Life is then shorten.''
  • ''Poetry writing
    is only an instrument
    composing it is inborn''
    Inborn talent
  • ''Love is true
    when it can't die
    after all are gone''
    True Love
  • ''Now in solemn solitude
    I feel the innate melancholy
    as memories flash in reminiscent
    of the romantic moments we shared
    trapped in those faded old photos''
    Memories in a faded photo
  • ''A desperate act,
    of a dispirited man...
    to end pain in death!''
  • ''Knowledge is wisdom,
    intuition to learn something;
    practice makes perfect!''
  • ''Reckoning love I obtain
    Overflowing like fountain.
    Now I feel no emptiness
    Every second is happiness.
    Love is what i need
    Life is wonderful indeed.
    Yes I finally found someone''
    Finding Love

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Best Poem of Marvin Brato Sr

(why Sex Before Marriage?)

Marriage sanctifies sex,
sex consummates marriage.
But why prefer sex before marriage,
is there one or more reasons to consider?

Maybe its still men's quest,
a priority test for him as the best.
So that the mating could be marked,
as something worth experience to take.

The best part in sex is sensuality,
that each mate could get from sex.
The manner a partner performs well,
is much desired by almost hot lovers.

Science could enhance state of sexuality,
cosmetology can recreate the ...

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An Unconditional Love

Can I ever repay the unconditional love you are giving?
Receiving all the cares you shower me without stopping?
I hear you say that you do it for love as maternal deed,
Sacrificing your time and self to fill up my need.
Everything you do makes me happy today,
Now I realized that it is not just for display.
Come a time when it becomes my turn,
In the near future I shall be able to return
All the favors when I become a mother too!

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