Marwa Rakha

Rookie (4 October 1974 / Cairo)

Biography of Marwa Rakha

Marwa Rakha poet

I have come a long way from the scared little girl that I once was... I found my passion in writing, my voice in teaching & training, and my strength in marketing... I took off my mask... and I decided to speak up and loud.. as loud as loud could ever be.

This is neither a ruthless attack on men nor a blind defense of women. This is not bitterness released or anger withheld. This is another attempt to figure out the beliefs of the heart and the passions of the mind.

We either choose to play victim and blame men for our messy personal lives, or wallow in self disgust as we take the blame for their shameful actions.

It is time to rise above blame and take control of our actions, reactions, and lives.

When you take a blow do not turn the other cheek; men are not to blame when they use the rights you gave them.

Marwa Rakha's Works:

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Like the stink of your breath, your words disgust me
Like the stench of your armpits, your embraces disgust me
Like the dirt under your nails, your hands disgust me
Like the wax in your ears, your pauses disgust me
Like the ashes on your teeth, your hissing disgusts me
Like the man you're not, the man you are disgusts me
There you are and here is your cynical face;
Is that a smirk or a smile that lost its pace?

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