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1. Lithium 6/25/2009
2. Ciggarette 6/25/2009
3. Levediddad Del Ser 9/1/2009
4. Monkeys Can Do It Better 11/16/2009
5. Nirvanna 11/16/2009
6. Slow Burn 1/25/2010
7. Nothings Nothing Bt A Momentarily Animated Dream 2/2/2010
8. Tribute To Death 2/25/2010
9. Hahaha 3/7/2010
10. Rebel By Brithrite 6/18/2009
11. 'Like A Stone' (Written By: Audioslave) 4/27/2010
12. Everlong (Written By: Foo Fighters) 4/27/2010
13. Heart Shaped Box (Written By: Nirvanna) 4/27/2010
14. My Very First Time 5/24/2010
15. The Cranberries (Zombie) 6/14/2010
16. Homer 6/22/2010
17. Black Paper Black Ink (Written By: Nrivanna) 4/27/2010
18. Monotype 5/14/2011
19. All Apologies (Written By: Nirvanna) 4/27/2010
20. Confused 1/25/2010
21. Every Step You Take (Written By: Sting) 4/27/2010
22. Helter Skelter 6/22/2010
23. Faceless 9/3/2010
24. Beyond The Looking Glass 4/25/2010
25. Circumstances 11/16/2009
26. An Inch 6/22/2009

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An Inch

An Inch from my death
the time to reflect with as lil clarity i have left
A wound without repair
a child with a bomb strapped to his chest
i try to disarm it but the detonators handmade; impossible to figure out
i realize this is the day
the time of my demise
i hold the boy (who i presume is roughly nine) by the hand
i might have runaway
but what was the use at least ill have company in my journey into the night
how distasteful the thought exposed to the egde of raw terror
How far i find myself from the time where love was time less
and death only ...

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I fell once along time ago
i cryed and complained but soon numbness made the pain go away
or so i thought/protrayed; put on a brave face for all the world to see
Debility was a burden in which i have long ago released
still the stares affect me; but i keep those suspicions in my head
So they all think iam too stronge to be f. u. c ed with
By wims of hate; envious in nature
Unimprotant in character
What many dont realize is knowing of self is like knowing your favorite food

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