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[PLEASE NOTE: All my poems are U.S. Copyrighted by date indicated at the bottom of the poem and all world-wide rights are reserved, including the right of translation into any language specifically to each and every poem and only to and for Mary Angela Douglas.]

I love poetry past, present, and future.

I especially love this website becomes it deeply welcomes all poets and I am very happy to be welcomed here.

I have deep respect for everyone writing here. May you never stop writing poetry. It is one of the finest things that can be done in life, but then, you alredy know that, don't you?

May your joy in poetry and your poems, every blessed word, live forever, as it is also, your mind, your heart, your soul shining out to others. To anyone and each person specifically who has ever read even one poem of mine or left a kind and beautiful comment, THANK YOU WITH ALL MY HEART. It means so much to me. And I feel like truly whenever I write a poem I am writing in communion with each and every one and together we are all one beautiful bouquet of poetry to the glory of God. We are published in Heaven anytime and everytime we write with our whole heart and soul. I am sure of that.

Mary Angela Douglas's Works:

I am published online only. Here, on wonderful poemhunter amnng so many brilliant and whole hearted poets I am more than honored to be among from all over the world. And also, on my own blog (where many more poems appear) at Updates

Still, The Watcher

all the words I've ever read

all the music that I've heard

lodges in my soul forever

blue jay feather mocking bird.

small steps taken in the sunlight

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