Mary Barber

(1690-1757 / England)

Mary Barber Poems

41. To Mrs. Newans 4/20/2010
42. To Mrs. S---. Written In My Sickness. 4/20/2010
43. To The Right Honourable John Earl Of Orrery, At Bath, After The Death Of The Late Earl. 4/20/2010
44. Written For My Son, To Mr. Barry; 4/20/2010
45. Written Upon The Rocks At Tunbridge, 4/20/2010
46. Written For My Son, To Some Of The Fellows Of The College, 4/20/2010
47. Written At Bath To A Young Lady 4/20/2010
48. Written At Tunbridge--Wells 4/20/2010
49. To Mrs. Mary Caesar 4/20/2010
50. To Mrs. --- 4/20/2010
51. To His Excellency The Lord Carteret. 4/20/2010
52. To A Lady, Who Invited The Author Into The Country. 4/20/2010
53. To A Lady Who Commanded Me To Send Her An Account In Verse 4/20/2010
54. The Prodigy. 4/20/2010
55. Sent As From A School--Fellow To My Son 4/20/2010
56. On Leaving Bath. 4/20/2010
57. To The Reverend Mr. Mabell, Of Cambridge 4/20/2010
58. Written At Dr. Mead's House In Ormond--Street, To Mrs. Mead. 4/20/2010
59. To The Right Honourable The Earl Of Orrery In Dublin 4/20/2010
60. To The Honble. Miss Carteret, Now Countess Of Dysert. 4/20/2010
61. Sincerity 4/20/2010
62. To A Gentleman, Who Shew'D A Fine Poem As His Own. 4/20/2010
63. On The Dutchess Of Newcastle's Picture. 4/20/2010
64. To Her Grace The Dutchess Of Portland 4/20/2010
65. To The Honourable Mrs. Percival. 4/20/2010
66. Written For My Son, In A Bible Which Was Presented To Him. 4/20/2010
67. To Mrs. Strangeways Horner, With A Letter From My Son; 4/20/2010
68. On Imagining A Friend Had Treated The Author With Indifference. 4/20/2010
69. To A Gentleman, Who Had Abus'D Waller. 4/20/2010
70. Occasion'D By Reading The Memoirs Of Anne Of Austria 4/20/2010
71. To A Lady 5/8/2001
72. Written For My Son ... Upon His Master's First Bringing In A Rod 5/8/2001
73. On Sending My Son, As A Present, To Dr. Swift, Dean Of St. Patrick's, On His Birth--Day. 4/20/2010
74. To The Right Honourable The Earl Of Thomond, At Bath 4/20/2010
75. To Mrs. Barber 4/20/2010
76. On Seeing An Officer's Widow Distracted 4/20/2010
77. On Seeing The Captives, Lately Redeem'D From Barbary By His Majesty. 4/20/2010
78. Spoken Extempore, To The Right Honourable The Lady Barbara North 4/20/2010
79. To The Rt. Hon. Charlotte Lady Conway, On Her Resolving To Leave Bath. 4/20/2010
80. Verses Sent To A Lady, Who Took Delight In Ridiculing A Person 4/20/2010

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Best Poem of Mary Barber

A Letter Written For My Son To A Young Gentleman

Dear Jack, whilst you thro' Flanders roam,
Can you forget your Friends at Home?
Say, will your Tutors give you Time
To write to Hereticks in Rhyme?
A Name they brand us with, dear Youth,
And we affirm they injure Truth.
The sacred Page before us lies,
Which you lock up from vulgar Eyes.
In vain to Men a Light is giv'n,
To point them out the Path to Heav'n;
If, lest their Sight should make them stray,
Their Guides alone must see the Way.

I fancy now you answer thus:
Lord! what's Divinity to us?
This serious Subject is unfit.
To exercise a ...

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An Hymn To Sleep.

Written when the Author was sick.
Somnus, pow'rful Deity,
Mortals owe their Bliss to thee.
How long shall I thy Absence mourn,
And when be bless'd in thy Return?
Relentless God! why will you flee,
And take Delight to torture me:
Or do you kindly flight my Pray'r,
To make me for my Change prepare?