Mary Barber

(1690-1757 / England)

Mary Barber Poems

81. Written For My Son In His Sickness, To One Of His School Fellows. 4/20/2010
82. Written For My Son To His Master, On The Anniversary Of The Battle Of The Boyne. 4/20/2010
83. Written For My Son, And Spoken By Him, At A Public Examination For Victors. 4/20/2010
84. Written For My Son, In A Bible Which Was Presented To Him. 4/20/2010
85. Written For My Son, To Mr. Barry; 4/20/2010
86. Written For My Son, To Some Of The Fellows Of The College, 4/20/2010
87. Written For My Son, Upon Lady Santry's Coming To School, To See Her Son, And Getting The Scholars A Play--Day. 4/20/2010
88. Written From Dublin, To A Lady In The Country. 4/20/2010
89. To Mrs. Armine Cartwright, At Bath. 4/20/2010
90. To Mrs. Caesar, At The Speaker's Lodgings At Bath. 4/20/2010
91. To Mrs. Frances--Arabella Kelly, With A Present Of Fruit. 4/20/2010
92. To Mrs. Mary Caesar 4/20/2010
93. To Mrs. Newans 4/20/2010
94. To Mrs. Putland. 4/20/2010
95. Written In The Conclusion Of A Letter To Mr. Tickel, 4/20/2010
96. Written Upon The Rocks At Tunbridge, 4/20/2010
97. Written For A Gentlewoman In Distress, To Her Grace Adelida, Dutchess Of Shrewsbury. 4/20/2010
98. To Mrs. Anne Donnellan, With The Fourth Essay On Man 4/20/2010
99. To Dr. Mead, On His Cape Wine. 4/20/2010
100. The Recantation: To The Same Lady 4/20/2010
101. The Resolution 4/20/2010
102. The Peacock. 4/20/2010
103. Apollo's Edict. 4/20/2010
104. Newsffrom St. James's. 4/20/2010
105. Spoken Extempore, To The Right Honourable The Lady Barbara North 4/20/2010
106. Conclusion Of A Letter To The Rev. Mr. C---. 4/20/2010
107. A True Tale 4/20/2010
108. An Hymn To Sleep. 4/20/2010
109. A Letter To A Friend, 4/20/2010
110. A Letter Written For My Daughter To A Lady, Who Had Presented Her With A Cap. 4/20/2010
111. A Letter Written For My Son To A Young Gentleman 4/20/2010
112. Jupiter And Fortune. 4/20/2010
113. The Oak And Its Branches. 4/20/2010
114. To The Right Honourable John Barber, Esq; Lord Mayor Of London, On Committing One Of My Sons To His Care. 4/20/2010
115. To Mrs. Frances--Arabella Kelly. 4/20/2010
116. To Mrs. Barber 4/20/2010
117. To His Grace The Duke Of Chandos. 4/20/2010
118. Occasion'D By Seeing Some Verses Written By Mrs. Constantia Grierson, Upon The Death Of Her Son. 4/20/2010
119. Stella And Flavia. 4/20/2010
120. An Unanswerable Apology For The Rich. 4/20/2010

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Best Poem of Mary Barber

An Unanswerable Apology For The Rich.

All--bounteous Heav'n, Castalio cries,
With bended Knees, and lifted Eyes,
When shall I have the Pow'r to bless,
And raise up Merit in Distress?

How do our Hearts deceive us here!
He gets ten thousand Pounds a Year.
With this the pious Youth is able
To build, and plant, and keep a Table.
But then the Poor he must not treat:
Who asks the Wretch, that wants to eat?
Alas! to ease their Woes he wishes;
But cannot live without Ten Dishes:
Tho' Six would serve as well, 'tis true;
But one must live, as others do.
He now feels Wants unknown ...

Read the full of An Unanswerable Apology For The Rich.

An Hymn To Sleep.

Written when the Author was sick.
Somnus, pow'rful Deity,
Mortals owe their Bliss to thee.
How long shall I thy Absence mourn,
And when be bless'd in thy Return?
Relentless God! why will you flee,
And take Delight to torture me:
Or do you kindly flight my Pray'r,
To make me for my Change prepare?

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