Mary Darby Robinson

(1758 - 1800 / England)

Mary Darby Robinson Poems

41. Sonnet. Inscribed To Her Grace The Duchess Of Devonshire 1/3/2003
42. The Fortune-Teller, A Gypsy Tale 1/3/2003
43. To Cesario 1/3/2003
44. The Origin Of Cupid -- A Fable 1/3/2003
45. Sonnet Iv: Why, When I Gaze 1/3/2003
46. Sonnet To The Memory Of Miss Maria Linley 1/3/2003
47. Sonnet Xxvi: Where Antique Woods 1/3/2003
48. Sonnet Xxi: Why Do I Live 1/3/2003
49. Sonnet Xl: On The Low Margin 1/3/2003
50. Ode To Vanity 1/3/2003
51. Sonnet Ix: Ye, Who In Alleys Green 1/3/2003
52. Sonnet Xiv: Come, Soft Aeolian Harp 1/3/2003
53. Sonnet Xxix: Farewell, Ye Tow'Ring Cedars 1/3/2003
54. The Widow's Home 1/3/2003
55. Stanzas Inscribed To Lady William Russell 1/3/2003
56. Sonnet Xx: Oh! I Could Toil For Thee 1/3/2003
57. Sonnet Xli: Yes, I Will Go 1/3/2003
58. Sonnet Xvii: Love Steals Unheeded 1/3/2003
59. The Hermit Of Mont-Blanc 1/3/2003
60. Rinaldo To Laura Maria 1/3/2003
61. To Leonardo 1/3/2003
62. Pastoral Stanzas 1/3/2003
63. Sonnet Xxvii: Oh! Ye Bright Stars 1/3/2003
64. Sonnet Vii: Come, Reason 1/3/2003
65. Sonnet Xxv: Can'st Thou Forget 1/3/2003
66. Sonnet Vi: Is It To Love 1/3/2003
67. Mistress Gurton's Cat 1/3/2003
68. The Granny Grey, A Love Tale 1/3/2003
69. Ode To Eloquence 1/3/2003
70. Old Barnard -- A Monkish Tale 1/3/2003
71. Sonnet Xv: Now, Round My Favour'D Grot 1/3/2003
72. Sonnet Xlii: Oh! Canst Thou Bear 1/3/2003
73. Sonnet Xliv: Here Droops The Muse 1/3/2003
74. Stanzas Written Under An Oak In Windsor Forest 1/3/2003
75. Sonnet Xliii: While From The Dizzy Precipice 1/3/2003
76. To Simplicity 1/3/2003
77. Sonnet I: Favour'D By Heav'N 1/3/2003
78. Sonnet Xxviii: Weak Is The Sophistry 1/3/2003
79. The Adieu To Love 1/3/2003
80. Stanzas To Flora 1/3/2003
Best Poem of Mary Darby Robinson


WHEN from the craggy mountain's pathless steep,
Whose flinty brow hangs o'er the raging sea,
My wand'ring eye beholds the foamy deep,
I mark the restless surge­and think of THEE.
The curling waves, the passing breezes move,
Changing and treach'rous as the breath of LOVE;
The "sad similitude" awakes my smart,
And thy dear image twines about my heart.

When at the sober hour of sinking day,
Exhausted Nature steals to soft repose,
When the hush'd linnet slumbers on the spray,
And scarce a ZEPHYR fans the drooping ROSE;
I glance o'er scenes of bliss to...

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The Faded Bouquet

FAIR was this blushing ROSE of May,
And fresh it hail'd morn's breezy hour,
When ev'ry spangled leaf look'd gay,
Besprinkled with the twilight show'r;
When to its mossy buds so sweet,
The BUTTERFLY enamour'd flew,
And hov'ring o'er the fragrant treat,
Oft bath'd its silken wings in dew.

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