Mary Hathaway

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Biography of Mary Hathaway

I'm 19 years old still living in the fostercare system trying to adopt my own baby brother and sister. I try anything to make someone smile cause just the tiniest smile can bring boat loads of hope and joy.i work at boos market in potosi. I am always there for a friend to the best of my ability. I adore writing and singing they are my two deepest passions. I love animals and children and I hate seeing them be mistreated. I'm a normal (ish) teenager with a big mouth when it comes to certain thoughts and jazz depending on the topic. Most Importantly I am a born again Christian trying to grow in Christ and follow through with his plan whatever that may be. Updates


how come every song you here has to be about love pain or happiness?
How come noone ever sings about crushes?

how come every poem you read has to be about loss hope or fear?
How come noone writes about crushes?

How come everytime your friend talks about their x~girlfriend/boyfriend they have this painful look in their eyes and they talked as if they hated them? why cant they be happy and move on? why cant they relize its not always love but sometimes a crush?

if not for the

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