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  • Bob Raven (7/5/2012 7:42:00 PM)

    Maybe you don't believe in religion like me, or maybe you do...Well, I wouldn't know because I am not a stalker. But from reading your poems, it sounds like to me that you are pessimistic and critical. People who are pessimistic are also called fags, and people don't like fags. Being a fag also shortens your life, and if you don't like life then you have now been upgraded from fag to an ungrateful fag, so try not to be a fag. Nice people could be the biggest bitches in world if they chose to be and the same vice-versa. So I hope you can change.
    P.S. Sorry for being a fag

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  • Khaled Khirfan (2/19/2009 4:19:00 PM)

    shame on you wow, are you serious i am i 14 year old boy at home who researched everything about Israel and Palestine, look at any modern day map a place that used to be Palestine but you wont find it on a map, you have Palestinians imprisoned in there own land. im not saying that Israel doesn't deserve land im just saying just maybe they shouldn't mass execute and murder the innocent people in that land. you guys are funded 100 million (look it up) annually from America only most of it spent on weapons tanks helicopters and other advanced weapons, and also those quranic verses are 100% false i have a collection of qurans, with English translation so quit missing with our holly book all because yours has been messed with doesn't mean you should mess with ours. and also quit being childish and let people comment on your poems you block them because you know they are wrong. so get your facts strait (the news is being fed money by Israel to say what they want) , and then will talk. i am Khaled Khirfan a 14 year old Muslim American boy who knows his religion and whats going on around him you can also email me at thank you.



Londonistan is falling down fallen down falling down
Londonstan is falling my fair Muriel Degauque

Jesus is a Muslim too
Ask the Christians they’ll tell you
Mohammed killed all the Christians and Jews
When Saudi Arabia was once their country

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