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  • Gary Witt (10/24/2007 2:35:00 AM)

    Mary is clearly a dynamo, and her work, while arguably obscure, has a definite electricity behind it. Charged with emotion, she is demonstrably poles apart from her contemporaries, and provides a verve and energy which can emphatically kick-start her readership. At its core, her work has an undeniable chemistry, ascerbic and caustic, but usually harnessed for a productive purpose. Indeed there is often a high-voltage excitement to her verse, never static, and always well-grounded. To the plus, her work remains timeless-indeed it is always current. To the negative, however, she has been known to lend her work excessive violence, especially when she mixes assault with her batteries. Nonetheless, her spark is undeniable. I urge you not to omit her work from your reading list, as it surges, seethes, and amps up to an electrifying conclusion.


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