Mary Mc Creath

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Mary Mc Creath Poems

41. Life- 1. What Makes Me Be 3/14/2012
42. Society-Irritating People 3/15/2012
43. Society-Friendly People 3/15/2012
44. Transition1-Vanishing World 3/16/2012
45. Transition3 Revealing World 3/16/2012
46. Life-Receiver 3/16/2012
47. Life-Downtime 3/18/2012
48. Life-The Fixer 3/18/2012
49. Belief-I Believe 3/19/2012
50. Thoughts 3/19/2012
51. Being-Old Voices 3/24/2012
52. Being-Development 4/7/2012
53. Life-The Smell Of Life 6/22/2012
54. Life-Held By Life 6/22/2012
55. Being-Time 6/22/2012
56. To Will It? 6/24/2012
57. Universe-Clap For A Universe 6/24/2012
58. Quanta-Higgs? 6/24/2012
59. Universe-Acceleration 6/24/2012
60. Society-England Team 6/24/2012
61. Society-The Pilots 6/24/2012
62. Society-Tahrir Square 6/24/2012
63. Quanta-What The World Is Made Of Part 1 - Quarks 6/27/2012
64. Quanta-What The World Is Made Of Part 2 - Leptons 6/27/2012
65. Quanta-What The World Is Made Of Part 3 - Hadrons 6/27/2012
66. Quanta-Quark Co-Operation -1 6/27/2012
67. Light-Light 6/27/2012
68. Quanta-Quark Co-Operation 2 6/27/2012
69. Being-Consciousness 7/7/2012
70. Being-Perception 7/8/2012
71. Society-The Group 7/8/2012
72. Darkness-Stuck 7/9/2012
73. Darkness-Darknesss 7/9/2012
74. Being-Something 7/9/2012
75. Being-Magic 7/9/2012
76. Society-Revolution Haku 7/9/2012
77. Thoughts About-Joyous Things 7/9/2012
78. Death-My Gran 7/11/2012
79. Childhood Memories-Night Raids 7/12/2012
80. Childhood Memories-After The Raid 7/12/2012

Comments about Mary Mc Creath

  • Rajendran Muthiah Rajendran Muthiah (3/24/2012 9:23:00 AM)

    Your philosophical poem, 'To be...question', conveys wonderful ideas. Existence is within all beings. The essences of all beings dead and gone are one. Universal poet, you are! There is no end to commentaries to this
    this thoughtful line of Hamlet's soliloquy.Wonderful Poem! A few minutes back, I too sent a poem on this same title but not with a philosophical content. Best Wishes!

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Best Poem of Mary Mc Creath

Being-Caged Bird

Why am I not free?
To be…
The person that I want
To be?

Why must I feel tied?
To what I was?
What is the cause?
That I am not free,
To be - me?

I long to break the
That ties me to,
Doing the things the way
I do.

If only I could see,
What it is that keeps
Me blind.
That does not let me
The knot that ties
To the things I do.

Bird in a cage freer
Tis than
It knows the reason
It cannot fly,
Back to the sky.

I seeing not what
Holds ...

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Death-A Look Of Love

A look of love was what he gave to me
A look of love came from me in return
How could he now be gone to never more
Exchange with me that look I held so dear
A rage now came instead upon my soul
That God could take this joy away from me
I ached and longed to see him one more time
How dare HE take this gift away from me
I stop my grief now high and full of pain

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