Mary Mc Creath

Veteran Poet - 1,394 Points (Glasgow, Scotland)

Mary Mc Creath Poems

201. Eileen A Cheo (Isle Of Mist) 1/8/2013
202. Being-Here There And Everywhere 7/7/2012
203. Being-Found 3/12/2012
204. Death-A Look Of Love 2/20/2012
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207. Being-Infant 3/13/2012
208. No Leaves No Birds 1/10/2013
209. Haiku - Midday 9/21/2015
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211. Prayer-Prayer In A Dry Time 3/15/2012
212. New Technology-3d Printing 9/1/2012
213. Childhood Memories- Childhood Play 3/15/2012
214. Feelings-What Is Depression Like 11/23/2012
215. Watching 9/30/2015
216. The Refugees 9/13/2015
217. Death-Sudden Death Of A Friend 3/1/2012
218. Being-Caged Bird 3/11/2012
Best Poem of Mary Mc Creath

Being-Caged Bird

Why am I not free?
To be…
The person that I want
To be?

Why must I feel tied?
To what I was?
What is the cause?
That I am not free,
To be - me?

I long to break the
That ties me to,
Doing the things the way
I do.

If only I could see,
What it is that keeps
Me blind.
That does not let me
The knot that ties
To the things I do.

Bird in a cage freer
Tis than
It knows the reason
It cannot fly,
Back to the sky.

I seeing not what
Holds ...

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Being-The Return

Come back
It hears a cry

Come back
To what is yours

Confusion fills the essence
At this call.

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