Mary Nagy Poems

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Marking My Globe With Your Friendships

I bought myself a globe
that shows me where you are.
I like to see if you are near
or if you're very far.

Do You Remember When...?

They sat hidden in the shadows
and talked amongst themselves.
I doubt they would've noticed
if their servers had been elves.

The Stupid Superbowl

Today they eat the nachos
they sit and ''shoot the bull''.
There never is a shortage
of a spare finger to pull!

The Tough Questions

You say you wanted to talk
about our past.
You heard I've been dealing
with my own acceptance

I Had A Visit From My Dad Last Night

I know it was a dream but still it felt so real.
My dad was right here next to me, his arms I can still feel.

He asked me how I'm coping and if I felt alright.

My Fears

The silence is flooding my ears.
Your absence is feeding my fears.
I've never quite known
if my feelings have shown

Did God Create You Just For Me?

In a self-centered way
I have to think God was thinking of me
when he created you.

The Path Of Forgiveness

As I creep down the path of forgiveness
and I search for my own lonely heart,
I yearn for the feel of completion.
I must finish what God made me start.

How Do I Thank You?

I was driving by the park yesterday and saw that girl.
She was holding a beer while leaning back on some scroungy guy.
I remember when she was in your class in 5th grade...she's only 16.
Does her mother know this is what she does

I Remembered My 7th Grade Locker Partner

I talked to my sister today.
It's been over eight years.
The first word that she wrote
began the flood of tears.