Mary Nagy Poems

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I never knew a little boy
could be as sweet as you.
I always wondered how a son
could be anything but ''Blue''.

Hiding In The Closet

I use to sit there
in the very back of your closet.
I knew nobody would look for me.
I'd just sit there

Will I Still Go To Heaven If I Envy?

I watch them from the corner of my eye.
(because I don't want them to think I'm weird)
I wonder how I could get what they have.
I wonder what happened

The Ultimate ''Blonde Moment''

Chelsey is my oldest
a needle makes her weak.
She begged to get her ears pierced
since she had learned to speak.

Inside She's Dying

Listen to her laughter
as she tells another one of her
hilarious anecdotes on life
(where she normally makes herself

Picky Pam......................(For Max)

She use to pack her own lunch.
She called hot lunch a waste.
She didn't like the cooks at school.
She had such picky taste.

For You, My Friend

I get the silent phone calls.
I know she's on the line.
Why don't you be a man for once
and choose her home or mine?

Some Stupid Thoughts That I Must Purge

I like my chocolate hot
when my pizza's cold.

I like my sheets new

You Share More Than Your Woods

Back again.
Nothing seems different here
yet so much is changing.

Peeling Eggs Makes Me Smile

You may wonder
how peeling the shells off eggs
makes me smile......
but it does!