Mary Nagy Poems

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Mistaken For A Senior Citizen!

Ok, I normally keep my cool.
I rarely get THAT mad.
I wanted to knock her teeth out!
Oh yes, it was that bad!

A Gift Fit For A Pig

It was my 22nd birthday.
I had just given birth to our 2nd daughter
1 month earlier.

I'M An Open Book?

I've been told that I'm an ''open book''.
I leave nothing to guess.
If you asked me if it's true
I'd simply answer ''yes''.

A Tender Moment At The Supermarket

Sitting there watching them
they had no idea
they were such an inspiration
so comfortable with eachother.

I Think God Stole My Flashlight

As I stumbled through the darkness
groping at anything to get my bearings
I tried to feel for something that was familiar
yet I recognized nothing.

The Woman In The Mirror

When I pass a mirror
and catch you watching me,
I'm stricken with the strangest chill
that no one else can see.

Liquid Gold

The tub was quickly filling just like everyday before.
Today, something was different and it burned within my core.

As I was gently lounging, just letting the tub fill

Never Trust A Woman!

Never trust a woman.
When will I learn this rule?
Each time I let my guard down
I'm left looking like a fool.

A Collision Of Souls

When she first saw him walking like a God down to the lake
she knew it was the last free breath that she would ever take.

Right then and there she knew it, her world forever changed.

Walking Away From Your Life

You've seen the huge piles out at the curb.
Have you ever wondered how it got there?
How could somebody just walk away
from everything they own?