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41. Our First Year 2/21/2015
42. Empty Inside 2/20/2015
43. Dreams 2/20/2015
44. Loves Anguish 2/21/2015
45. Apart 2/21/2015
46. Distant Shores 2/21/2015
47. New Start 6/8/2017
48. Bitter Reality 8/8/2015
49. Walk In Faith 2/23/2017
50. My Heart 7/8/2015
51. So Alone 2/21/2015
52. Life 1/8/2016
53. True Love 2/21/2015
Best Poem of Mary Rodriguez

True Love

Three years ago we had our first lunch
I knew we'd be lovers it was more than a hunch
From the second you walked through the door
My heart skipped a beat, you are who I adore
I know you get scared, unsure of what to do
Follow your heart babe, it will lead you to what's true
Life is a journey where we stumble and fall
Sometimes feeling like we are nothing at all
I see your reflection inside my eyes
Can you hear my desperate cries?
In my dreams you're running to me
I'm in love with you and always will be
You said you love me to my face
Then held me tightly...

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Second Chances

Sometimes I wonder why things happen as they do?
Is it fate, or just cruel reality passing through?
A time when things seemed simple and happiness abound
Now those days are gone, nowhere to be found
Remembering our time while thinking back
What once was blue skies, now turned black
Looking at the stars that twinkle in the sky
Thinking of you as the days pass by
Turning inward one can see

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