Mary Ryan

Rookie (april 7,1961 / Kansas City, MO)

Mary Ryan Poems

1. The Real Reason 4/29/2006
2. See The Manger 4/29/2006
3. Loneliness 4/29/2006
4. Invitation Time 4/30/2006
5. Worship #1 4/30/2006
6. Lonely/Alone 4/30/2006
7. After 4/30/2006
8. The Good Lord Watches Over Poets And Fools 4/30/2006
9. My Mother Is Only A Memory 4/26/2006
10. What I Leave Behind 4/29/2006
11. Reaching Out 5/1/2006
12. You Cannot Hide 5/1/2006
13. My Gift 5/5/2006
14. My Light 5/6/2006
15. Worship #2 5/6/2006
16. Sunrise And Blue Skies 5/5/2006
17. Jesus, Take My Hand 5/5/2006
18. Only One Road 5/8/2006
19. Talents 5/8/2006
20. What Will He Say To You? 5/8/2006
21. Praying Out Loud 5/9/2006
22. Seven Brave Souls 5/9/2006
23. Six Months Past 5/9/2006
24. God's Love #1 5/9/2006
25. God's Love #2 5/9/2006
26. My Desire 5/9/2006
27. Years 6/3/2006
28. Invisible 6/25/2006
29. Salvation Came 7/10/2008
30. How Can We Serve Him? 7/10/2008
31. Going In The Right Direction 7/10/2008
32. What Can I Do? 7/10/2008
33. 911 & 9/11 9/5/2008
34. In The Light Of The Cross 10/15/2008
35. There Is A New Meaning 11/30/2008
36. The Cat Lies Dreaming 11/30/2008
37. Wondering 12/4/2008
38. Let Me Know Your Will 12/4/2008
39. The Biker's New Mission 5/14/2010
40. My Life Is A Poem 4/30/2006
Best Poem of Mary Ryan

A Girl With Blue Green Hair

One Sunday morning I hurried on my way
And I arrived at my church ready to worship and pray
Then I saw a girl with blue-green hair
She walked away, not welcome there
I could see the tears falling down her face
I realized that I didn’t want to be in such a place
I looked at myself in my dress so neat
And then at the girl in her jeans and dusty bare feet
“Don’t be sad because you were turned away
We’ll find us a church where we both can stay”
With a smile on my face, I took her hand
And we both walked away from my church so grand
Soon a small wooden building I...

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A Soldier's Prayer

As the sun sets in a faraway land
A young soldier sits, a picture in his hand
His thoughts on his wife and child-a young family
And he prays every night that again he'll see
'Lord, I miss them so much is all I can say
And I want so much to go home one day
My wife doesn't tell me but I know she cries many tears
And I want to be there to calm my child's fears
But, Lord, don't get me wrong as to why I'm in this place

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