Mary Webb

Mary Webb Quotes

  • ''Saddle your dreams afore you ride 'em.''
    Mary Webb (1881-1927), British author. Precious Bane, bk. 1, ch. 6 (1924).
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  • ''The past is only the present become invisible and mute; and because it is invisible and mute, its memoried glances and its murmurs are infinitely precious. We are tomorrow's past.''
    Mary Webb (1881-1927), British author. Precious Bane, foreword (1924).
  • ''If you stop to be kind, you must swerve often from your path.''
    Mary Webb (1881-1927), British author. Precious Bane, bk. 2, ch. 3 (1924).
  • ''To many women marriage is only this. It is merely a physical change impinging on their ordinary nature, leaving their mentality untouched, their self-possession intact. They are not burnt by even the red fire of physical passion—far less by the white fire of love.''
    Mary Webb (1881-1927), British novelist. The Golden Arrow, ch. 18 (1916).

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Green Rain

Into the scented woods we'll go,
And see the blackthorn swim in snow.
High above, in the budding leaves,
A brooding dove awakes and grieves;
The glades with mingled music stir,
And wildly laughs the woodpecker.
When blackthorn petals pearl the breeze,
There are the twisted hawthorne trees
Thick-set with buds, as clear and pale

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