Mary Wismer

Mary Wismer Poems

161. A Wish For You Gabriel 12/31/2007
162. A Sweet Power 1/15/2008
163. Take My Love Forever 12/7/2007
164. If Tomorrow Never Come 10/24/2007
165. Yet Forget Me For Awhile, Remember Me Afterwards 12/6/2007
166. Wife 1/21/2008
167. Born In The Spirit 12/28/2007
168. Special Message With Warmest Thoughts 9/9/2007
169. Every Smile 1/6/2008
170. You'Re My Best Friend 9/28/2007
171. Plea For Healing 9/5/2007
172. Home Is The Foundation Of Love 10/1/2007
173. I Finally Learned What Real Love Is 12/7/2007
174. Thank You David Harris, Thad Wilk Ect. 12/26/2007
175. One Love, One Life 9/3/2007
176. All His Dream Remain To Gruard 1/6/2008
177. **i Love You*** 11/25/2008
178. Dont Need No Explanation 1/5/2008
179. Cancer Ii 12/30/2007
180. Extract The Honey From The Word! 1/14/2008
181. As I Swear By The Rain 12/19/2007
182. Always And Forever 12/19/2007
183. A Friend Like Thad Wilk 1/10/2008
184. As A Year Begin 12/30/2007
185. Above All 12/28/2007
186. A Gift In Desire 12/19/2007
187. Light Your Fire On Us 9/24/2007
188. Angel Gabriel 1/25/2008
189. ***i'M Sorry*** 11/25/2008
190. Cancer 12/30/2007
191. Doc Wilde 11/22/2007
192. ****during My Paralyzing Memories****** 11/25/2008
193. A Guardian Angel 1/25/2008
194. Happy New Year Poem Hunter 12/30/2007
195. Abortion (Think It Twice) 1/10/2008
196. Dying Time 12/6/2007
197. A Special Messages For Gabriel 12/21/2007
198. A Friendship 1/10/2008
199. A Cute Poem From A Cute Girl 12/19/2007
Best Poem of Mary Wismer

A Cute Poem From A Cute Girl

They are the tiny drops from the sky.
Who are so pure that they cannot deny
They quietly listen to all that we say
Then, touch the earth or vanish in a bay.
When I'm with you I will not cry even a single a tear
And your touch have chased away all of my fear
you have given me a life that I could live worthwhile
it is even better every time you smile.
You changed my world with a blink of an eye
That is something that I can not deny
You put my soul from worst to best
That is why I treasure you my dearest……..
Feel our bodies pressed close
As close as ...

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When wisdom enter to your heart,
and Knowledge is pleasant to your soul,
Discretion will preserve you,
Understanding will keep you.

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