Mary X

Rookie (19.01.1987 / London, England)

Mary X Poems

1. Reversed And Censored. 9/14/2006
2. Profound Artists Don’t Come Close. 9/19/2006
3. Chemical. 9/20/2006
4. A Piece Of Paper With Revenge. 9/21/2006
5. Tribunal. 9/24/2006
6. Salt Water. 9/26/2006
7. For Charlotte 1/31/2008
8. The Hat-Man. 8/27/2008
9. The Conversation Whereby The Sudden Realization Of Another's Position In The Structure Of Friendship And/Or Relationship Becomes Explicitly Apparent. 12/8/2008
10. Nameless Musing 9/26/2009
11. Back 4/30/2010
12. The Most Overwhelming Experience To Be Confronted With In The Domain Of Otherness 4/10/2009
13. Some Vice. 8/30/2006
14. Survival Technique Number 1. 9/19/2006
15. Goodbye Horses. 9/21/2006
16. Mother I Am. 9/22/2006
17. Means To An Aid. 9/24/2006
18. Up And Down. [circle Poem #2] 9/26/2006
19. Press. 9/26/2006
20. The Prostitute. 10/21/2006
21. Voice Is A Name 11/20/2010
22. Abstract Machine 12/31/2010
23. Truly As You Are 5/12/2011
24. Lp5. 9/29/2006
25. Hear Them Fall. 9/9/2006
26. Nam June. 4/19/2007
27. Playing Chess. 9/1/2006
28. Otherside. 4/19/2007
29. Vision. (My Child) 3/8/2007
30. Decisions And Un-Scathed Heartbeats. 9/20/2006
31. Miner 1/19/2012
32. Game. 12/3/2006
33. Disposal Of The Rubbish! 9/13/2006
34. Eclipse 6/29/2008
35. Little Coin. 9/9/2006
36. My Soul And I. 8/30/2006
37. Tap, Tap, Tap. 9/27/2006
38. Salem. 9/22/2006
39. Master Plans And Hoodlums 9/17/2006
40. Corners. 9/3/2006

Comments about Mary X

  • Goldy Locks (9/21/2006 3:46:00 AM)

    No matter what happens on here, i do hope to read your name one day. in print.
    Instead of up on a screen.

    You have more passion than most people have in a lifetime and it floods
    your pen with honesty. keep building new visions, new outlooks all the time.

    And you’ll grow forever.

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  • Joseph Daly (9/14/2006 12:24:00 PM)

    Mary is, without doubt, one of the most talented people I have encountered. Her work is 'in-yer-face' but without the pretentiousness. There is an incredible dynamism that is lacking in a lot of artistic work of today.

    The freshness that she brings to poetry is breathtaking. If this woman is not published then the publishing world is run by crooks and wankers.

  • Joseph Daly (9/14/2006 12:18:00 PM)

    there are very few people that I would call cutting-edge. Most are happy to go along reading and writing the same guff; not wanting to move beyond the experienced. Mary is not one of those. her poems expound, not only attitude, but freshness. She tends towards the ' in-yer-face' school but without any pretentions or falseness.

    There is a realness and honesty to Mary's works that is lacking in a lot of artists these days; who are void of direction. Mary should be published. Out there and in yer face. As by-wordish as ... well... fairy liquid.

Best Poem of Mary X


There are times when you simply
cannot do anything.

You lay there in Medusa’s
ugly vision, sat in granite

with nothing apart from
the breast you are touching.

It isn’t even a breast,
just a pocket of air

that your mind urges you to think is
a beautifully sculpted woman.

That doesn’t matter though,
we find our pleasures

whether it be a candle’s tone
a man’s fingering hand

or the piece of gentle anatomy
that you have held in your pocket.

Mary X.

Read the full of Masturbation.

Where Do The Oceans Go.

And where do the birds go
when Winter settles its spiralling hands?

And where do the worms go
when Rain has stopped it’s angry gale?

And where do I go
when I have lost an army
and an ocean?

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