Maryjane Diaz Munguia

Rookie (06/11/1970 to present / Lubbock, Tx)

Biography of Maryjane Diaz Munguia

Maryjane Diaz Munguia poet

I was born in Lubbock, TX & raised in West, TX (Odessa/Midland)
Currently residing in the DFW area.
I was first introduced to poetry when I was in third grade and my soul was never the same.
I've since learned the true meaning behind the word P.O.E.T.R.Y. = Put On Emotions To Release Yourself!

Maryjane Diaz Munguia's Works:

Life Poem published in 2002
The International Library of Poetry
The Voyage out of Darkness (page 186)
ISBN 0-7951-5126-8 Updates


Life isn't a dream
because a beginning always has an ending

Though it seems
it's made by the soul of human emotions

it couldn't be our deepest thought
because reality wouldn't permit it
Still, it wanders carelessly

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