Masha Danevasha

Rookie (1976 / Gorod Nsk)

Masha Danevasha Poems

1. That Day (Translation Of Lyrics By Zoopark) 9/25/2006
2. Codename - Mr. Spain 9/25/2006
3. Codename – Archer 9/25/2006
4. Codename - The Kid 9/25/2006
5. Codename - Jackass 9/25/2006
6. On Activism 9/28/2006
7. Whatcha Might Call A 'Limerick' 9/28/2006
8. Codename - Snake Eyes 10/2/2006
9. Pokerface 10/23/2006
10. Lazy Muse 11/25/2006
11. Codename - Jackass (Redux) 11/25/2006
12. Codename - Mr. X 12/13/2006
13. Personal Velocity 12/18/2006
14. Exorcism 4/4/2007
15. Codename - Intro 9/25/2006
16. Road Song 11/25/2006
17. An Allegory On The Subject Of The Tail And The Dog 3/28/2007
18. Bad Dream #2 5/17/2007
19. Old Rag 10/11/2006
20. How It’s Done (An Ode Inspired By Fancy Words And Lack Of Outright Flattery) 9/25/2006
21. Cold Air 12/3/2006
22. Codename - Lazy Luv 10/4/2006
23. Soulmate 3/29/2007
24. Fashion Declaration 10/30/2006
25. One Track Mind 10/30/2006
26. A La Guerre Comme A La Guerre 10/18/2006
Best Poem of Masha Danevasha

A La Guerre Comme A La Guerre

Out of nowhere comes the dagger
Another stab into an old scar
From an opponent who decided to take no prisoners
Who thought that tough girl can take a punch
Shake off the pain
And swallow tears spiced with pride

Maybe you should have been more humble
And held back stories of battlefield prowess
Put down your visor, lured him in
And dealt the terminal blow
Instead of giving into wishful thinking
And baring your neck
Truth can be a tricky strategy in love and war
Candor makes for poor armor

The strike was coming but you didn't parry
You must ...

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Codename – Archer

So thanks to you I’ve learned to hate the Ravens
By your sweet grace I’m a Steelers’ fan
That part was just to spite you
I didn’t even know about either team
Until you busted in
I also have a bow
And shoot it
Funny how the violence evaporates
And the mind goes blank

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