Mashiur Rahman

Veteran Poet - 1,479 Points (Naogaon, Bangladesh)

Mashiur Rahman Poems

81. Throw Ignorance 2/23/2014
82. Time, Whore And I 2/8/2014
83. To Honey 8/7/2012
84. Touch 5/8/2012
85. Transform 2/13/2015
86. Trust In God 8/1/2012
87. Unseen Love 8/8/2012
88. Waiting 2/20/2014
89. We Loss Our Humanity 3/11/2016
90. Wealth 9/10/2012
91. When Pull Me 8/14/2012
92. Willingly Surrender 2/23/2014
93. World 5/21/2012
94. World Peace 8/9/2014
95. Worship 5/21/2012
96. গীতিকা 12/14/2016
97. তোমায় দিব ছুঁয়ে 2/24/2017
98. প্রাণনাথ 11/13/2016
99. বাউল গীতিকা 12/14/2016
100. যদি আরও ভালবাসি 3/8/2017
101. হৈমবতী 11/12/2016
Best Poem of Mashiur Rahman


I will die
you will die
We will die
We will stay alone
for ever in dark room
at grave after death....

No one can refuse death.
It's true and true
You can denial
all religious trust
You may dissent
You may be an infidel
But must believe in death

Individually I can change
all ideology & faith
and i can prove God is none
without human body or brain
but i don't and
can't change my death..

Death is true
Death is true
Death is true

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World on leg, world by leg, world in leg not hand

Spurning, moving, going...

From one to another, From one to another, From one to another.

World on head, world by head, world in head not hand.

Only two-operator touch world by their all.

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