Masiela Lusha

Rookie (23 October 1985-? / Tirana, Albania)

Masiela Lusha Poems

1. Roma I 7/10/2006
2. Unveiling 7/31/2006
3. Quiet Thickening 7/31/2006
4. Sea War's Widow 7/31/2006
5. Venus And Mars 7/31/2006
6. Trillium 7/31/2006
7. Watching Adam Heal 7/31/2006
8. Poem 7/31/2006
9. Vienna 7/31/2006
10. Our Touch 7/31/2006
11. My Mind Aches 7/30/2006
12. Sleep A Moment, Frosted Face 7/10/2006
13. I Do Not Try 7/10/2006
14. Little Dreamer (For Lil' Gracie) 7/10/2006
15. Fire 7/10/2006
16. Maple Lives 7/10/2006
17. Christmas In Schönbrunn 7/11/2006
18. Hardest To Forgive 7/31/2006
19. Chameleon 7/31/2006
20. Mother Theresa's 'Poezia' 7/30/2006
21. The Sea 7/10/2006
22. Medusa's Head 7/31/2006
23. Early Spring 7/31/2006
24. You Can'T Swim 7/11/2006
25. Medusa's Pride 7/30/2006
26. Ode To The Mother 7/31/2006
27. Muse 7/31/2006
28. Hummingbird 7/10/2006
29. My Mind's Leopard 7/10/2006
30. Celestial Rumors 7/31/2006
31. Gravestones 7/10/2006
32. Eternity 7/10/2006
33. The Virgin Statue 7/10/2006
34. I Dig For Nothing 7/10/2006
35. I Cannot Love You Honestly 7/30/2006
36. Fruits Of Tribute 7/10/2006
37. Night And Tears 7/10/2006
38. Full Moon- A Siren's Song 7/10/2006
39. Drinking The Moon 7/10/2006
40. The Polite Sea 7/10/2006

Comments about Masiela Lusha

  • Michael Shepherd (7/11/2006 6:22:00 AM)

    Masiela, welcome to Poemhunter, this wonderful mixture of 'poetry' of every conceivable sort!
    If these poems were indeed written when you were twelve, then they and you are truly remarkable.
    I'm guessing that they were primarily 'thought' in eloquent Albanian, and then translated by yourself or another. They have an attractive poetic 'address', and a natural drama that freshens poetry.So there are nice 'surprises' of the unexpected word in English - and also several awkwardnesses of phrasing, 'dictionary English'.
    I think you might consider revising them (certainly not scrapping) later on when you have time.
    I'm guessing that you were well taught in grammar and expression, and that you have read Rilke with admiration, and perhaps Pablo Neruda.
    At the moment, I admire Roma I for its Rilke-like conspectus, and Gravestones for its straightforwardness and wise ending. And A Man of Forty is a touching empathy.

    I hope we shall hear more from you. And would you like to correct the too many errors of transcription? And perhaps date your poems, so that we can appreciate what we hope will be a continuing development?

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Best Poem of Masiela Lusha

Call Us Women

All you men...
What lies in your fists?

In your eyes,
& Mind?

Your packs of gods
Offer drops of life,
& we women
Carry it,
Bake it
& endure it
Until it becomes
A seed of heaven,

Which we fed with our mouth,
Caressed with our blood,
& heard its bubbling songs
of life
Through our skin.

Your bellies,
Which lounge gods of Men,
Of changing passion
& rage,

Can never churn
The weight of a shell
Into a breathing being as powerful
As yourself.

It was bestowed upon us,
Because ...

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A carved stone can reign like a mountain,
Only to be meat in natures jaw.
But no wind or snow can tumble
Into the steel minds of humanity and memory-
Of books and history.

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