Mason KT Goldstein Biography

When I was young I was givin up for adoption at age 0. I was placed in a foster home at age 1 being abused and verbally abused. Dyfs then took out of that home to put me in a home that was filled with abuse and starvation. I ended up in the hospital at age 3 unable to walk, talk, breathe on my own. When I walked I had to use a walker. I had a breathing tube at all times to help me breathe, I had no meat or muscle on my bones. I was taken in by my foster dad who didn't even know me at the time. Taking me in, feeding me and nursing me back to great health. My foster dad developed cancer, colan cancer 2 times and was at the age where Dyfs would not allow him to take care of me so y family now adopted me breaking my foster dads heart. I devolved depression, anxiety, PTSD, and ADD at a young age being bullied for my height and size and they way I talked. Growing up I have been in multiple treatment centers for depression and suicidal thoughts my life has not been easy but when I write poetry I can say it's a breeze. I've had house fires, I've seem death, I've seen rapes, I've seen pain, I've seen crazy and reckless. I HAVNT seen sayne..I HAVNT witnessed blessed motives through my eyes. A life is supposed to be sayne and blessed. But all I can see is a mess.

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