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241. Tenochtitlan 11/20/2010
242. Skull Of A Jew 9/15/2010
243. When Stealing Isn'T Winning For The Greater Good Of Society 2/23/2005
244. The Final Solution 1/9/2010
245. Minority Of One 8/16/2009
246. La Couture Nouvelle 3/25/2015
247. Dark Cluster 3/4/2015
248. 1965 3/22/2007
249. Regarding The Temple 3/31/2005
250. Wound Of ' 91 3/31/2005
251. Whatever The Reason 3/29/2005
252. 1966 (The Great Purge) 12/10/2007
253. Eclipse Of The Son 2/20/2017
254. Pigs At Bay At The Bay Of Pigs 2/16/2013
255. Gin Sin Pietra 1/6/2011
256. Orwellian Youth 9/28/2012
257. Bank On The Blunder 10/24/2006
258. A Change In Utrecht 3/14/2012
259. Zzz 3. I'M Tellin' Ya 6/21/2009
260. Atlantis, Forgot 9/13/2009
261. A Hearing Session 3/29/2005
262. American Protocol 3/29/2005
263. *the Copenhagen Trials (The Victory) 3/31/2005
264. Buffer Zone 3/29/2005
265. Arrow To The Cree 2/6/2006
266. Balkans Bruises 2/23/2005
267. Abundance And More 3/29/2005
268. 2nd Class Rebellion 4/13/2005
269. Babel 2/20/2005
270. Buddha And The Olive Tree 12/9/2009
271. A Nickel, A Dime 3/29/2005
272. Brazil 2/6/2006
273. *the Ballad For Wilhelmshire (The Vision) 3/31/2005
274. (stilted) Laurels From A Poe Toaster 1/5/2011
275. *pioneer (The Campaign) 3/31/2005

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*the Ballad For Wilhelmshire (The Vision)

Central square, the park unfolded
Buildings rising all around me
Darkness falls - light is here to stay
Wilhelmshire's faithful has found thee

Am I the only one with this tangible vision?
Just watch the sparrows play
and the seals in around the bay
You know, it's not so cold by the 12th of May

Her streets were straight and she was singing
Open bell, time for stock exchange
The sun shun strong against her window panes
There isn't one who would beg for change

No large gaps in class
No one sleeps on grass
As head of state, my ...

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Tumbledown Slums

Forcibly weened in between the ones we've seen
The gypsies under bridges, and their leanings
Choosing sides the truth collides, the prayers, the cries- and yet resources just aren't there
Hardship hums in tumbledown slums
panhandling mums, places to be seen- we wouldn't dare
Needles, glue, triple X- tattoo
Smog drift will never lift
the clock chimes crime to make a dime
jobs were never there- who knew?