Mason Maestro Poems

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Where The First Stars Show

This is the place
Where the elements blow
Where time begins
And the first stars show

Loose The Loins

Hooks to the hands of Egypt
You cast pearls before the swine
Transgression and depraved conduct
Thine vices all consign

Trust / Believe

In this time of dread and terror
When all we know is pain and fear
There is one solid foundation
For those willing to hear

Dead Moon Rising

Run along the good gestations

Like the swarming bees in the sun

Can be the songs of elation

That was never meant to be sung

Act One

Call on a darkness to enter stage right
Players dare to speak truth to light
See the talks with formal discourse
Then reach an impasse with no recourse 


Baroque- European dressing 
Confessional mark
Engineered with a blessing 
Fleur de la flock of the ornate world


He's a life-sized 
Marble bust 
And who could name him
Who could frame him

Symphony Song

Double pipe, Bagpipes, three-string aborigine

Shaman lute, bone flute tonality
Ancient Gymel, hymnal Seikilos Epitaph
Polyphony, drone note phonograph 

Flamenco Queen

It's only movement by selecting a stepping graceful repertoire 
The forms that are known, they go beyond choreography
Here we go, musicians told to start
When push comes to pop, the couples are pulling apart

The Tense Poets

Now as you have the lyrics
I'll pour onto your scroll
All the things that writers might allude to in their role
And when that scroll gets heavy