Mason Maestro Poems

Hit Title Date Added
Gin Sin Pietra

He was just a skinny man
But I don't recognize him anymore
Hesitated to ask for a tissue
Alive, alone, a brother to the core

Pigs At Bay At The Bay Of Pigs

There are pigs at bay at the Bay of Pigs
In between the means it will justify the end
Their road is paved with bad intentions
Coz every good is followed by some evil inventions

Eclipse Of The Son

He paid our debt
He tasted sweat
The pouring blood flows under
In triumphant death

1966 (The Great Purge)

The New Year grows dark
Stratagems unfold
A ministry spearheads the arts
The Chairman has turned bold


The dust and radiator steam has cleared
This memory of that day has become all but smeared

They were eating dim sum on the banks of the Pearl

Dark Cluster

Once divided
There’s no chaos to bring order
Some black hole hoarder – can't be taken back
Drifting on its own

La Couture Nouvelle

The kids play in the starlit night
Safe in the glow of their bright faced might
How peculiar it is to end the light
Now unfamiliar it is to have no right

The Final Solution

Invite all our overgrown infants today
And host a social banquet soiree
In a little place of our own
Presenting the final solution waiting on the wings

Minority Of One

Old intuition – at the well we’re wishin’
All those who vanished from the mix
Rail concentration – get off at the last station
The sequel after decade six

Skull Of A Jew

Below the home of that Solomon czar
I hear the rabbi’s whispers from afar
What was that? What did you say? Does what really matter anyway?
Dark eyes staring at the wailing wall