Mason Maestro Poems

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East Liberty

They disembarked the tactics trucks
And no one spoke
And no one smiled
There were no spaces in the line


Overhead the Albatross hangs silently upon the stream
And far beyond the rolling waves
And the depth of mounthain caves
The creaping of a nearing tide

22nd Century

Can you perceive it, the day it made headlines
It took the form of a trampled flag on a city street
shouldn't want it, the digits offering we
Embedded bar code, quick ID, complete


You were blockading your trade in distraint
You were caught in a cauldron of bans
You felt paralyzed and victimized
You countered your sanctions with demands

Equal In The End

The wire that holds the cork
That keeps the anger in
Gives way and its day again

Burn The Silver

Shootin’ again,
Not thinkin' ahead
Got that withering feeling
That only grows stronger

The World To Conquer

Hey Brother doctor with your high and mighty stance,
Your actions speak so bloody loud, I can't hear a word you say
Hey Sister needing a heart with all of your compassion
Your soft spell lights the day but can't assuage the pain

Fasten The Clutch

There are flags on the street
Red, white and blue
Crowds stomping their feet
People pressing on for truth


Stiff neck police and a Freddie coma
Transport beating homicide
Gray passed the following morning
One dead in Baltimore

Thresholds, Isolated & Destroyed

Thresholds, isolated and destroyed
Hear the rich guns, pigs employed
Media mill, they mill around
Around the gear, hear the incite fear