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Mason Maestro Poems

241. Skull Of A Jew 9/15/2010
242. When Stealing Isn'T Winning For The Greater Good Of Society 2/23/2005
243. Accelerator 1/27/2016
244. Trust / Believe 9/3/2019
245. La Couture Nouvelle 3/25/2015
246. The Final Solution 1/9/2010
247. Minority Of One 8/16/2009
248. 1965 3/22/2007
249. Dark Cluster 3/4/2015
250. Eclipse Of The Son 2/20/2017
251. 1966 (The Great Purge) 12/10/2007
252. Pigs At Bay At The Bay Of Pigs 2/16/2013
253. Gin Sin Pietra 1/6/2011
254. Orwellian Youth 9/28/2012
255. A Change In Utrecht 3/14/2012
256. Bank On The Blunder 10/24/2006
257. A Hearing Session 3/29/2005
258. Zzz 3. I'M Tellin' Ya 6/21/2009
259. Atlantis, Forgot 9/13/2009
260. American Protocol 3/29/2005
261. Buffer Zone 3/29/2005
262. Arrow To The Cree 2/6/2006
263. 2nd Class Rebellion 4/13/2005
264. Abundance And More 3/29/2005
265. Balkans Bruises 2/23/2005
266. Babel 2/20/2005
267. *the Copenhagen Trials (The Victory) 3/31/2005
268. Buddha And The Olive Tree 12/9/2009
269. A Nickel, A Dime 3/29/2005
270. Brazil 2/6/2006
271. *the Ballad For Wilhelmshire (The Vision) 3/31/2005
272. (stilted) Laurels From A Poe Toaster 1/5/2011
273. *pioneer (The Campaign) 3/31/2005

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(stilted) Laurels From A Poe Toaster

Stilts on ice in Boston city
Isn’t it a pity
The story it goes
Tells of a distorted ghost
And this we know
His laurel’s on the snow
Yearly keeping we see him
Walks in the same way
To the same shady place
He says
Hey Poe, hey Poe, hey Poe, let’s have a toast

Tamerlane, the Raven, Eulalie
A prospectus
Tamerlane, the Raven, Eulalie
The Styluses

Propora, you aren’t alone
At the headstone time retain
A black-clad figure
With silver-tipped cane
Half bottle of Martel
Identity they’ll never tell
Come New England fall
Enter ...

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Flamenco Queen

It's only movement by selecting a stepping graceful repertoire 
The forms that are known, they go beyond choreography
Here we go, musicians told to start
When push comes to pop, the couples are pulling apart

And here's the scene
The tango dance-off will kill the feet
Follow or lead?
Or what

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