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241. A Hearing Session 3/29/2005
242. Zzz 3. I'M Tellin' Ya 6/21/2009
243. Atlantis, Forgot 9/13/2009
244. American Protocol 3/29/2005
245. Buffer Zone 3/29/2005
246. Arrow To The Cree 2/6/2006
247. 2nd Class Rebellion 4/13/2005
248. Abundance And More 3/29/2005
249. Balkans Bruises 2/23/2005
250. Babel 2/20/2005
251. *the Copenhagen Trials (The Victory) 3/31/2005
252. Buddha And The Olive Tree 12/9/2009
253. A Nickel, A Dime 3/29/2005
254. Brazil 2/6/2006
255. *the Ballad Of Willembury (The Vision) 3/31/2005
256. (stilted) Laurels From A Poe Toaster 1/5/2011
257. *the Pioneer (The Campaign) 3/31/2005

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*the Pioneer (The Campaign)

Curriculums tied up to the hounds
and coffee shops police abounds
Untried, unheard 'round the world- tragedy occured
Homemade descendants founding unjust avengers
Political string tied too strong to left wing
The imbalance threw off the budget from the swing
Land in check, holding sight on tap to the end
Like a pioneer to re-write the map of Greenland

A summons with the beat of the drum
and around the world the masses will come

From Red square to Bel-Air
Falkland Isls, true democracy calls
To victoria falls, and China's walls ...

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Werre, The Wyrm-Hord

Trip to heave and ho, up down, to and fro
Trip, trip to a dream dragon, hide your wings in thy tower
Sails cackling hither not so well pleased
Gong by scattered needles by a seruiceable villaine
As duteous to the vices of thy Mistris,
As badnesse would desire

Werre, Wyrm-hord see before they stand, hey ho, never be still
Old Norse tongue, grasshopper green Northumbrian band

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