Masud Khan

Rookie (29th May 1959 / Bangladesh)

Biography of Masud Khan

Masud Khan
Poet, Writer.

Language of Writing: - Bangla.

Country: - Bangladesh.

Birth: - 29th May 1959. At Khetlal of Joypurhat district, Bangladesh.

Home District: - Sirajganj, Bangladesh.

Address: - 506/1, Malibag, Baganbari,
Dhaka-1217. Bangladesh.
Telephone- 880-2-8357755.
E-mail- (1)

Institutional Education: - Bachelor of Science in Engineering
(Electrical & Electronic) ,
Masters in Business Administration.

Profession: - Engineering.

Literary Award: - One, (On poetry) , Bogra Lekhak Chakra (Bogra Writers’
Circle) Award,1996.
Interests: - Travelling, Film, Music, Philosophy, Socio-political-cultural affairs.
Country Visited: - England, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg,
China, Malaysia, India & Singapore.

Masud Khan's Works:

Collection of Poetry, (1) Pakhitirthadine (On the day of birds’ pilgrimage) ,1993 . (2) Nadikule Kari Bas (We do live by the river) ,2001.
(3) Saraikhana O Harano Manush (The Inn and the Missing Man) ,2006 Updates

A Tale Of A Lone Grave

A lone grave burning in the scorching mid-day sun.
“22 Paush 1382” the epitaph reads.
Some monk builds an monastery deep into the earth
With radiant blood and sharp intellect.

The ignoramus explores the realm of the dead for relics.
Arched abode, arched quest, arched plain—
Caressing the tombstone, a calendar’s ashes blow away.
Stupid man, those constructions are results of wrong engineering.

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