Masud Khan

Rookie (29th May 1959 / Bangladesh)

Biography of Masud Khan

Masud Khan
Poet, Writer.

Language of Writing: - Bangla.

Country: - Bangladesh.

Birth: - 29th May 1959. At Khetlal of Joypurhat district, Bangladesh.

Home District: - Sirajganj, Bangladesh.

Address: - 506/1, Malibag, Baganbari,
Dhaka-1217. Bangladesh.
Telephone- 880-2-8357755.
E-mail- (1)

Institutional Education: - Bachelor of Science in Engineering
(Electrical & Electronic) ,
Masters in Business Administration.

Profession: - Engineering.

Literary Award: - One, (On poetry) , Bogra Lekhak Chakra (Bogra Writers’
Circle) Award,1996.
Interests: - Travelling, Film, Music, Philosophy, Socio-political-cultural affairs.
Country Visited: - England, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg,
China, Malaysia, India & Singapore.

Masud Khan's Works:

Collection of Poetry, (1) Pakhitirthadine (On the day of birds’ pilgrimage) ,1993 . (2) Nadikule Kari Bas (We do live by the river) ,2001.
(3) Saraikhana O Harano Manush (The Inn and the Missing Man) ,2006 Updates

A Lost Spaceship

A spaceship –
Forgetful and reckless –in nature and form –

Missing all the trodden and untrodden paths of the sky,
Those important assignments, forgotten without trace,
It grows in unknown realms of space,
Drifting weightlessly away
Alone – for days –
Directionless, like a stray girl.

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