Mathew Lewis Poems

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Suffer the pen
That has to write what I say,
Suffer the words
That have to serve my brain,

A Sonnet Of Insanity (Sonnet #1)

A moment of insanity,
Stupidity and savagery,
A move against humanity
And all that is reality.

Angel Eyes

Angel eyes are colourblind,
On a whim she lost my mind,
Something's there I'll never find,
Angel eyes are colourblind.

Alone In My Forest One Day

I was walking alone in my forest one day,
Sleeping awake I went on my way,
And as I lookeed up the sun caught my face,
And my tears fell down in ribbons of lace.

Watching Someone You Love, Love Someone Else

They say watching someone you love
Love someone else
Is the hardest thing you can do.
But did they know that it


The crimson sun fails to rise
On the eastern shore of my demise,
Waters ebb through space and time,
And everybody sees through crystal eyes,

Fighting Mere Existence

A primrose sun hides the greedy streets,
An ugly path trod by many feet,
Where bootless prayers seek the days gone by,
Too young to live, too old to die.

A Tragedy In Four Parts

Polly had a heart,
She really did,
But listening to those kids
Made her hate herself,


Because I am constantly trying to break free,
It is ultimatley impossible for me to do so.
Because I can only see out of my own two eyes,
I will never understand a fate that is not mine.

2a.M And Nowhere To Go

An amber room woken with failing light,
A box of wine interrupts the busy floor,
An ashtray innocently deals death at its fingertips.
And one single door stands guard over all.