Matlapa Maphologela

Freshman - 542 Points [Matlapa Maphologela] (Polokwane, South Africa)

Matlapa Maphologela Quotes

  • ''In very person you think you know better there is a story about them that you don't know.''
    Knowing a person personally don't mean you all about them.
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  • ''If you don't have it in you, they will create it for you.''
    Most of the time in life people turn to things they are not because of what other people did to them.
  • ''The beauty of a woman is in how hard she works for herself.''
    Woman give time to all the things they do.
  • ''The ones who know pain choice not to hurt...''
    When you were victimised you choice different when given an option.

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Wake Up, Wake Up

I know her from school, she was driven by friends and pride.
They told her if she sell her body, she will never be broke again. Her beauty and booty fit the shelf, men went crazy to their wallets and banks all in the name of pleasure.

She became a different girl far from a lady, age visited, she is broken and well broke. Looking back no bank knows her name. Expensive clothes, gorgeous jewelry & high priced hills no longer fit her old skin.

She got lost at her young stage chasing money,

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