Matt Ancient

Freshman - 681 Points (11 january 1985 / Africa)

Biography of Matt Ancient


Matthew Ackerson (Matt Ancient) was born on Friday,11th January 1985, in Africa. As a middle class African, he was able to educate himself to the collage level, with him having a degree in purchasing and supply in business management and com TIA A + in information technology. As a child he saw himself as an ambitious person, and did know and understand life of doing what is right from wrong and being able to achieve your aims was his attitude, as for his spirit he believed in reality and positivity as faith, believing and understanding nature as life, thus the humanist and naturalist ideologist, his life, time and the world of his time taught him the lesions of life, he adopted the name Matt Ancient because, searching for intellectual liberty, knowledge and wisdom is a deep rooted ancient culture, so his adopted name even reminds him of who he is and the destiny he has. At high school he studied general art, of which he specialized in history, literature, government and social science, so even though at collage he studied business program, he continued to study history and literature on his own. At a moment in time he discovered a true God gifted latent in him, thus writing, he improved upon the talent and has grown to a very creative writer in his time, he writes music, poems and novels. Besides writing he enjoys swimming and watching of soccer. The basic idea of his creative work is to free mankind from racism, political lies, religion, superstition and illusion, but living with a positive attitude towards each other, thus unifying, reforming and transforming the human race.

Matt Ancient's Works:

Poetic Justice Updates

Dooms Day

Many a times
I passed through trouble
Many a times
I passed through pain
I was exploited
I was was humiliated
I was condemned
I was consumed by mystery
My wings were taken

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