Matt Ancient

Freshman - 812 Points (11 january 1985 / Africa)

Matt Ancient Quotes

  • ''freedom is a state of mind and once wealth, skin or country cannot determine his freedom''
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  • ''nature creates the circumstances and men makes the decision''
    nature and man
  • ''you can't fight nature because what is going on is different from how you feel''
    nature and man
  • ''you can't control nor change time but you can only live with it''
    nature and man
  • ''freedom is fought and achieved by the oppressed for only the oppressed knows how it is to be free''
  • ''freedom from religion, racism, poverty and illiteracy is a must''
  • ''without the opportunity the potential is nothing and without the potential the opportunity is useless''
  • ''the biggest enemy of man is poverty and illiteracy''
    poverty and illiteracy

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Best Poem of Matt Ancient

Rise Up Africa

Africa, Africa
rise up Africa
Africa, Africa
stand up Africa
when will you learn Africa
your sons and daughters are calling
they are crying
for they are starving
when will you change
oh Africa
you hate wisdom
so do not have freedom
and mystery consuming your kingdom
to be brave means disrespect
you have lost a great prospect
Africa, Africa
rise up Africa
Africa, Africa
wake up Africa

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If God Is Our Father

They say god is our father
But I have never seen him before
For he lives in heaven
A place not for the living
But I on earth
The place of my birth
I don't have is address
But I keep sending him messages
Does he receive them

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