Matt Kephart

Rookie (10/23/91)

Biography of Matt Kephart

i started writing when i was about ten years old. Mostly short things like a funny story about my dad or a short story about some animals. Then i started getting older and understanding more about the way the world worked and human beings and emotions. That's when i started to write more poetry and longer stories. Most of the poems i write have to do with love, friendship, or despair. Some are very depressing and others are kinda amusing. A few are happy. I have red hair and i like to read. I'm not that tall but i'm always up for whatever. If you can think it up, then i'm up for it. Updates


bury all the pain
lock away my heart
even if it means
I'll never feel again
why do i keep trying
when i know you'll never see
and inside i know
that we can never be
whats with this world

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