Matt Matherne

Matt Matherne Poems

1. You Remind Me Of Earth 6/30/2010
2. My Life Is Oxycon 7/2/2010
3. Love Is............ 9/11/2010
4. The Secret To Longevity 9/11/2010
5. Cake Walk 3/18/2011
6. Hell........A Choice 3/24/2011
7. Magician Vs Realist 4/18/2011
8. 'I Am'...... I Said To No One There 5/21/2011
9. Watching Trevor Grow 5/21/2011
10. Love My Sun... Son 8/25/2011
11. Ode To Galveston 9/22/2008
12. Let Them Show 12/18/2008
13. Me 12/8/2009
14. Shameless 10/7/2011
15. My Name Is Leveque 12/10/2011
16. Let's Go Get Stoned 12/29/2011
17. Life Is Like A Song 1/20/2012
18. Right Before Our Very Eyes 12/27/2012
19. Love Is Free 5/26/2013
20. Marriage Is Like A Swimming Pool 4/10/2013
21. Prayer Before We Dine 2/10/2014
22. Gps In Your Life 3/13/2012
23. Proof Of Et 5/17/2012
24. I'M Busted 12/29/2011
25. He's Just A Man 10/5/2011
26. My Life Is...... 11/5/2009
27. Love Is Timeless 12/24/2008
28. Don'T Live In The Past 12/17/2009
29. The Ocean In Your Life 6/20/2010
30. In Due Time 10/7/2011
31. In The Car Lot 12/18/2008
32. Love Is Like A Lump Of Gold 8/25/2011

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Best Poem of Matt Matherne

Love Is Like A Lump Of Gold

Love is like a lump of gold, Hard to get, Hard to hold.
Out of all the men I've met,
Your the one I can't forget,
I do believe that God above created you for me to love,
He chose you from all the rest,
Because he knew you would love me the best.

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Let Them Show

Oh the weather outside is shitty but my dear you’ve got some big ass tittys

And since we have no place to go, let them show, let them show, let them show

It doesn’t show signs of stopping so I brought some rubbers for popping

The lights are turned way down low, so let them show, let them show, let them show

And when I finally kiss them good nite how I will hate to go out in the storm

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