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Matthew Bresette Poems

1. The Moon's Pain 12/1/2007
2. I Lived, I Breathed... 12/1/2007
3. A Name That No One Knows 12/1/2007
4. The Sun Is Creeping Out... 12/1/2007
5. Climbing 12/1/2007
6. The Storm 12/1/2007
7. The Lord Thy God 12/1/2007
8. Faces 12/1/2007
9. Alone 12/1/2007
10. Why Do People... 12/2/2007
11. I See Darkness... 12/2/2007
12. If I Am Breathing... 12/2/2007
13. Running 12/2/2007
14. The Angels Are Crying. 12/6/2007
15. I Try Not To Cry, Mom 12/7/2007
16. A Poem Of Betrayal 1/2/2008
17. The Girl's Gift 1/6/2008
18. Why O Why 12/1/2007
19. Pain 12/1/2007
20. The Secret 1/28/2011
21. Fist Bump With An Angel 1/28/2011
22. A Place 12/2/2007
23. Day By Day 6/14/2008
24. Constant Pain 12/2/2007
25. Please Let Me Die... 12/2/2007
26. The Lone White Wolf: The Hunt 1/28/2011
27. Death 12/1/2007
28. Parody Of To Be Or Not To Be (To Die Or Not To Die) 1/28/2011
29. Darkness Is My Friend 12/1/2007

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Best Poem of Matthew Bresette

Darkness Is My Friend

The sun is creeping out, everybody is rejoicing but me
darkness turns to brightness before everybody’s eyes but mine

the sun is rejoicing
the moon is weeping
the stars are sobbing, wishing a person would wish them back

a storm is brewing, everybody is disappointed but me
brightness turns to darkness once more

the sun is weeping
the moon is rejoicing
the stars are overjoyed, a person wished them back

the storm is here, everybody is dissatisfied but me
darkness turns to darkness forever more

a storm is crashing
lightning is ...

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What is the definition of Death?
Death is when a plane crashes into a desert with no one around you see
you crash
Death is when you crash your car into a ditch knowing that you are going
to die alone with no one to hear your last dying words
Death is when you are on a bicycle on the side of the road and a drunk
driver crashes into you leaving you mangled on the side of the road with
no one around to see that you are all right

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